Carrion Crown

The Last Will and Testament of Professor Lorrimor

Persona Dramatics

  • Professor Petros Lorrimor – Passed away and party members are in his will
  • Kendra – daughter of Professor Lorrimor – attractive young woman – modest clothing
  • Leslie – Female Hetch Witch – 4’10” 90lbs – Blond hair – Cha 16 – looks like a young teen – Pet Weasel
  • Andara – Female 5’2” fair skinned – black hair, green eyes – pretty girl with tones muscles – modest dress with a head scarf – Cha 19 – Half Elven
  • Delric – Male 4’2” Dwarf – Scale Mail – War Hammer & Shield – Holy Symbol of Torag
  • Hakeem – Male – Arabic – black hair, dark skin – dressed in Katapesh garb – middle eastern explorer’s garb


Over a few days the party arrives before the funeral of Professor Lorrimor. We are greeted by Kendra Lorrimor, the professor’s daughter.

The day of the funeral, Delric and Hakeem (and Timmons) arrive. Kepheros, Hakeem, Delric, and Andara will serve as pall bearers. Kendra informs us that Father Grimburrow will be there.

A number of the town join in the procession, but other’s seem to be grumbling. One (named Gibbs) stops the party of mourner’s and says that they won’t let a necromancer be buried. A brawl ensues after Hakeem tells Gibbs to stop or his monkey will stop him.

After knocking out a few of the belligerent villagers, the fighting stops and Father Grimburrow arrives. He heals those that were knocked out and berates them.

We continue on and have the service. Following the service, we retire to Kendra’s house.

We talk about what happened to the Professor. A large stone fell and crushed the Professor’s head. He was at Harrowstone Prison – abandoned after it was burned down.

Vashan Hearthmount arrives – councilman/magistrate to go over the will. He is not friendly towards the party.

  • There are ghost fighting items in a false crypt in the graveyard
  • Help Kendra to assist her for the month to help her get settled
  • Has borrowed tomes in a trunk – relatively small – oak and iron
    • Three go to the college
      • Serving Your Hunger – Urgothoa Practices
      • Umbral Leaves – Common Unholy Book of Xon Kuthon
      • Unverified Madness – Treatise on Aberrations
    • One go to the judge
      • Pelantine Eye – Locked (30+ lock check) – Varisian and Coded
  • Go to Lepidstadt to return the borrowed books – no sooner than one month
  • 100 Platinum Coins to each party member – Embrath in Lepidstadt – when returning the books

The party starts investigating various leads on what happened to the Professor and on what he was investigating.

  • Whispering Way – Tar Baffon – Society of Necromancers – Series of philosophies that can only be learned by Whispers
  • Church of Pharasma – We can’t use the library yet – Father Grimburrow won’t
  • Harrowstone – at the tavern in town – Ruined Prison – in 4661 burned down during – Local’s speak about it in hushed tones – 4594 was Rovengro – Warden Hawkren and wife died in fire – statue build to commemorate – most of the prisoners were executed – prison guards gave their lives putting down the prisoner revolt that caused the fire – this occurred 50 years ago

The next morning while we eat breakfast, we hear a blood curdling scream from the edge of town. We run to investigate and the statue memorializing the prison guards has blood splashed on it and a V written on it. A young woman found the blood – she comes here every morning to honor her grandfather who was a prison guard.

  • Andara and Delric and Lelsie – Heading back to temple to see if they can gain access to the library
    • They tell the Father about a crypt that has a cache of items to help fight undead. Father will send acolytes to investigate the tomb (botched roll)
    • List of the prisoners -
  • Hakeem – Going to Magic Shop “Unfurling Scroll”
    • Shop Keeper had a Manual of the Flesh Golem – it was stolen – will pay 6,000 gp for return of it – bought it from Lepistadt from shady dealer
    • Harrowstone – get a bit more info
    • On the way back, goes through graveyard – Timmons freaks out and indicates a gravestone – nothing specific on it
      • Saw Gravestone with an epitah and Hakeem’s name on it
      • False crypt has been broken into
    • Five girls singing in Varisian common song
  • Kepheros – Staying to help Kendra and guard her

Hakeem returns and wants to go now to the false vault. We wait for Andara, Delric, and Leslie to return. Delric puts his armor on and Andara powers up with angelic power. We ask Kendra to go to the Father to tell them the acolyte’s are in danger. We rush back to the to the graveyard and prepare to enter the vault.

Two giant centipedes attack us and we defeat them. We go to the crypt and open it. It has a cache of items.

  • 12 silvered arrows – assigned to Kepheros
  • 17 arrows (magic) – assigned to Kepheros
    • 10 +1 arrows
    • 5 +1 ghost touch arrows
    • 2 +1 undead bane arrows
  • 7 potions (magic)
    • 5 potions of cure light wounds – assigned
    • 2 potions of lesser restoration – assigned
  • 6 flasks of water (magic)
    • 6 flasks of holy water – assigned
  • 4 scrolls (magic) – assigned to Delric
    • 1 scrolls of detect undead (divine)
    • 2 scrolls of hide from undead (divine)
    • 1 scroll of protection from evil (divine)
  • 4 sunrods – assigned
  • 1 darkwood case – contents (magic) – assigned to Kendra
    • Spirit Planchett of Brass (Ouija board) – 4 iron and glass flasks of vapor – haunt siphons – 6 empty slots

Father Grimburrow, Kendra and 4 acolytes arrive. We turn the cache over to him, but tell him that we’ll investigate Harrowstone. He gives us the cache to use.

Delric realizes that ‘haunts’ have been plaguing us. They usually attach to an item, person, or area. Poltergeist like activities.

Kendra knows what a Planchett is used for. The flasks are haunt siphons. They allow you to ask questions of a specific haunt. We plan to head back and rest for the night and go up to Harrowstone in the morning.

That evening, we siphon the haunt on Andra into a haunt siphon and use it to power the planchett.

  • Who are you: Martin

The next morning, another shout is let out. The party runs down to see what happened.

There is a V and an E on the statue in blood this time.

Then head to Harowstone. It is encircled by a hexagon wall. There is a path past the guard towers. The eastern portion side of the complex has fallen away into a giant sink hole that is filled with water.

  • Observation tower #1 has things moving in them – a rat swarm
  • Observation tower #2 has some rats, but not a swarm
  • Small Building on the Outskirts – brick building – on closer inspection it looks like it will cave in
  • The main building
    • Around the building, there is writing etched into the stones – runes – then blood smeared into it
      • Leslie thinks the runes are part of a ritual – more recent – within the past month – part of a large ritual – involving abjuration and necromatic magic – in Varisian – a name is repeated dozens of times – Lyvar Hawkren – part of the walls do not look like they would handle the runes well, so they would have had trouble -
    • The front entrance has a balcony over it. If some thing something medium sized were on it, it might collapse.

We continue circling the outside to search and go up the stairs to the balcony on the left side. When we step up on the platform, we hear rustling and something rushes forward to meet Delric. Two ghostly arms holding a scythe. This was probably where the executions took place. There are doors into the interior. Hakeem attempts to pick the lock. It takes him two minutes to open it.

Inside is a short hall way. It’s a 5 by 10 room with another door at the other end. On the other side is the smell of smoke. Beyond there are doors on the right, cell doors. Some of the party hears a soft, faint sound of a flute, very mournful and the flapping of wings.

Hakeem seemed to have a vision of a cloaked spirit playing a pipe with a flock of stirges surrounding it. The groups back itself outside. We circle back to the front door.

Once a wide hall with waiting rooms on either side. The ceiling is sagging and there is a pair of old, oak door at the other end. We investigate down the right. These are administrative offices. It will probably take us 6 hours. One room is the warden’s office and has a safe. The warden’s office is oddly, peaceful and at rest.

By spending the 6 hours, we get a +4 bonus to knowledge checks on Harrowstones from now on.

They open the safe – mostly full of legal documents and:

  • 500 gp – assigned
  • 4 potions of cure moderate – assigned
  • 2 potions of lesser restoration – assigned
  • 2 potions of remove disease – assigned

We spend an hour outside getting noting down the runes. It will take a 30 Arcana check.

  • Hakeem – Died 4661 AR
The Song

“Put her body on the bed
Take a knife and lop her head
Watch the blood come out the pipe
Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe
Drops of red so sparkling bright
Splatters spell her name just right
With a hammer, killed his wife
Now he wants to claim your life
Tricksy father tells a lie
Listen close or you will die”

Session Information

  • Ravengro
    • 5000 gp limit for Town
    • 4th level spell
    • 1000 GP limit at Magic Shop
  • XP – Total of 650 each
    • 600 XP – Thugs at the Funeral
    • 350 XP – Knowledge of Arcana on Whispering Way
    • 350 XP – Harrowstone Information
    • 100 XP – Gravestone Year of Death was Year of the Fire
    • 400 XP – Centipedes in the Crypt
    • 600 XP – Scythe Construct
Day One in the Life of Akaash: Hakeem and the Haunted Prison

Day One in the Life of Akaash: Hakeem and the Haunted Prison

I return with the special project that Professor Lortimer has given me. I handed it over to Kendra and discovered that the party went to the abandoned prison of Harrowstone. Normally, I would avoid such places, but with my new companion Algernon by my side. I encounter my new comrades shortly after entering, only to be ambushed by a ghostly door. I stood my ground as a valiant hero and shielded the party from the horror with my mighty prowess. Algernon took over and smashed the door.

We continued our exploration and arrived at a cathedral after Delric maneuvered the party through a labyrinth of doors. Upon entering, Leslie discovered the room was home to three giant crab spiders that saw her as their next meal. After a short group effort, and a lot of damage absorbed by Leslie, the spiders fell.

We examined the room and found magic items within an old, dusty bookcase.
5 vials of water – Holy Water
1 scroll – Lesser Restoration → Delric
long fingering stick – wand of cure light wounds 15 charges → Delric

Directly across the hallway from the cathedral, Delric with the assistance of Algernon, forced another door open to find a room filled with tattered ropes and rusted shackles. Shortly after entering, Hakeem is attacked and then grappled by the shackles but breaks free. After a very long fight, the shackles are broken and Hakeem can rest easy…. for now.

Exploration continues and Delric bashes another door down and we discover an abandoned room with piles of clothing strewn across the floor. Not long after entering, Hakeem is attacked by an animated straight jacket…. again. The straight jacket was quickly destroyed. Leslie then trapped the rest of the ragged, foul clothing under barrels to prevent more from animating.

We continued our explorationg and discover yet another dilapidated room and a figure appears. She appeared as a beautiful young woman in a tattered but lovely blue dress. Everything about her was blue, including the smoke and tears dripping from her eyes. Delric suspected the figure to be a ghost. She tells us that we must be the new guards to replace the cowards that ran to town and she headed for the open door to leave. It is then revealed that the warden was her husband. Her name is Vesorianna.

(Missed notes for dialogue between ghost and party)

She describes Professor Lorimer. Professor was looking around and examining runes. He never entered the prison. The leader (necromancer) killed the professor with weird magic. Told cultists to smash his face and head with a rock from above to make it look like an accident. He wore a bone breastplate and carried black staff with a skull gagged by a black cloth. They performed ritual out of sight of the ghost. They were trying to pull a spirit and her husband’s spirit disappeared. She has been unable to feel him since then. Her husbands spirit was trapped in the basement before he was taken. She feels that the spirits of the criminals have been getting stronger since he left. She has tried to keep things subdued, but her husband’s spirit kept them in line. There is a pit in the basement and they are trying to climb out. There are more than just the ones found in the basement. There are five spirits that are more powerful than the others that are trying to break free. They were the five most dangerous criminals that were imprisoned at the time of the fire and they would have already broken free. Their names are: The Loper (Vance Saetressle), Father Charlatan (Sefick Corvin), The Piper of Illmarsh (Real name unknown), The Splatter Man (Hean Feramin), The Mosswater Marauder (Ispin Onyxcudgel). Their manifestation varies. Sefick Corvin and the Piper were upstairs, they were broken free and went upstairs. The other three are in the dungeon below. We believe we already encountered the Piper. If we find anything that was once a belonging, we could use them against them. We should check the property room to the southeast to find useful items. She said she feels like she doesnt have much time. The Splatter Man is slowly eating away at her resolve and there is nothing she can do about it.

Hakeem believes we have 8 more days as the letters on the statue are spelling out her name, Vesorianna. If we can bring her the warden’s badge of office from the dungeon below, she can banish them completely. All five of them must be defeated, even temporarily.

We continue our exploration and encounter a room with a desk, 3 barred windows and several rusty branding irons. Upon entering the room, we notice the smell of burning flesh. Four branding irons rise from the brazier with their tips burning hot and go after 4 targets (Leslie was not attacked). The brands staggered Akaash while Andara’s Eidolon took the damage for her.

We advance to the next room and after smashing the door, we are overcome with the stench of a privy. We move to the next room and discover the infirmary. Upon entering, we encounter a poltergeist. We flee in fear from the poltergeist, but we decide to leave the dungeon and allow the poltergeist to remain for one more night until we destroy it.

We return to Kendra’s house and try to sit down to a pleasant dinner made by Kendra… after Delric allowed it. During dinner, the silverware moves and we feel lightly brushing on Hakeem’s skin.

Discovered the siphon was one of the old acolytes from the church named, Martin.

The next day, the party decided to go to the magic shop. On the way there, we notice that it is an expecially gloom morning and there is gloom music coming from the inn. Andara notices 2 stirges on the roof of the inn. They are dispatched quickly, but one does manage to latch on to Delric and drain a little blood. I go to the stable to check on Yip and Yap and Ulrik, my driver, while the rest of the party go on to visit the magic shop.

We head back to the prison with the southeast room as our goal. We find the room hidden behind a locked steel door. Upon entering, we find various antiqued items on assorted tables.
In the room we find:
MW Thieves Tools
Bronze War Medallion from the Shining Crusade 40g
Unframed painting of Stavian I 100g
Set of Noblewoman’s silver hair clips 35g
MW Punching Dagger
Pouch containing 1 dozen MW shurikens
MW Silver War Razor
Magic Stick – Wand of Lesser Restoration 12 charges

Hakeem discovers a small vault in the back of the room that appears to contain 5 objects that appear to belong to very important criminals within the prison.
Handaxe – The Loper → Akaash
Collection of Holy Symbols – Father Charlatan → Andara
Moldy Spellbook – Splatter Man → Leslie
MW Smith’s Hammer – Mosswater Marauder → Delric
Silver Flute – The Piper → Hakeem

We found an audience chamber where we discovered a cold spot haunt. To shut it off, we must cast heat metal on an unattended item and then quickly bury it in hallowed ground. We decided to come back to that later and just walked around it to the door on the opposite side of the door.

The northeast wall of the room has partially fallen that reveals the murky pond outside. Various items are found to prove that it was once a training room for the guards. There is a massive pit in the center of the room surrounded by scorch marks. When we enter the room and get close to the pit, burning skulls fly up from the pit and attack those close. The skulls were quickly dispatched by Andara and Algernon. Upon searching the room, we notice that the water from the pond is leaking down the pit and into the lower levels. There was once a ladder that went to the lower level from here, but it is now gone. We also find burnt, charred corpses of guards on this level.

We decided to lower Delrik and Hakeem into the pit to the lower levels via rope held by Andara and Algernon. When they reach bottom, they discover a cavernous chamber that was once an underground cell block. As soon as our feet touched the water, our ears were filled with the cacophonous roars of dethly screams of those burned to death within its confines. It is filled with chest high water and opens up into a dark tunnel. Andara and Hakeem climb down after them and find Ectoplasmic Humans to be charging the party. Delric channeled to injure both before Andara was crit and left shaken by one, then immediately killed it. The second was killed by Akaash’s crossbow bolt.

Akaash and Algernon lead the charge back up the rope and away from whatever was down there. The rest of the party follow suit while we hear a loud roaring and rumbling noise coming toward us from the hallway. Delric, having some difficulty with his rope climbing skills nearly met the source of the sounds before he was quickly whisked upwards via Andara’s advanced rope pulling techniques.

We go to the north room from the broken down side of the prison. A huge stone furnace dominate the room to the left, large enough for a child to climb inside. An ancient fire burned the east wall to provide an open view to the lake flooding the eastern half. The face of the furnace suddenly animates and the scent of stinking flesh begins to fill our nostrils. The furnaces launches flames in Hakeem’s direction and nearly kills him. Leslie moves to his aid with a heal and Andara moves forward to throw a vial of holy water at the furnace. The furnace flickers and sparks when it lands. The haunt is defeated with a combination of Andara’s holy water and Delric’s channeling. Upon searcing the furnace we find bones (parts of a skull, rib bones and some finger bones) that are hot to the touch. Delric informs us that if we throw the bones into a large body of water, such as the lake right beside us, the haunt would be dispelled and never return.

The party returned to the infimary where the poltergeist had been hiding. We were better prepared this time and the combination of fire power from Leslie, Hakeem and Delric defeated it. After searching the room, we found:

2 Fully stocked healer’s kits → Leslie
3 Vials of Antitoxin
2 Vials of Antiplague
3 Doses of bloodblock
3 Doses of Smelling Salts
2 Vials of Soothe Syrup
1 Cure Light Wounds → Hakeem
1 Cure Light Wounds → Andara
1 Cure Light Wounds → Akaash
1 Cure Light Wounds → Andara


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